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Appel de projets – Porch View Dances – Kaeja Dance

Appel de projets – Porch View Dances – Kaeja Dance

Porch View Dances 2018 - Kaeja Dance projects
 Photo : Photo by Monica Salazar. Choreographer Kate Alton. Fitzsimmons Frey Family. 2016.

Looking for the perfect family summer activity? Porch View Dances (PVD) is back!
Spend time with your family creating art and enjoy your moment in the spotlight as you perform for audiences on your very own front porch and front yard. Best of all, there is NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY and it’s FREE!! 

Kaeja d’Dance welcomes residents and families of Seaton Village and for the first time EVER, we are opening up participation to those who live outside of Seaton Village as well. You will be paired with a professional choreographer.

So whether you:
1. live in the area and wish to participate
2. have a porch to offer in Seaton Village
3. live in another neighbourhood but still want to dance
PVD is situated between Dupont/Bloor and Bathurst/Christie and is an annual community dance event everyone will enjoy!
Applications due Tuesday, April 3.