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[BIO] Animals of Distinction – Compagnie – FRONTERA Adrián Morillo

[BIO] Animals of Distinction – Compagnie – FRONTERA

03 - FRONTERA - crédit Adrián Morillo

Animals of Distinction (AoD) is the multimedia dance company of renowned choreographer and dancer Dana Gingras. Through AoD, Gingras has fostered the creation of numerous cutting-edge works that have involved innovative collaborations across diverse mediums and artistic practices, all shaped by the possibilities of new technologies and cultural shifts.

At the centre of the work is a belief that we can obtain critical knowledge from engaging with the physical and emotional risks inherent to dance and movement. It is through the body and choreography that this element of risk can be employed to explore a vision of the world that is larger than our individual isolated experiences. The goal is to stimulate audiences to become more aware of the elements of complexity, connectivity, and complicity within our physical, social, and emotional lives.

Borders run across land but through people. On maps they appear as fine one-dimensional lines, whereas on the ground they have many dimensions. Borderlands are boundaries in depth, space around a line, the place where state meets society, and where no one ever feels at home.

– Zartman, I William, ed. Understanding Life in the Borderlands: Boundaries in Depth and in Motion

Photo : Adrián Morillo