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Call to artists of all ages for Older and Reckless, in Toronto, by Claudia Moore

Accepting proposals for dance performances that feature choreographers or performers, aged 45 and over*, for presentation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 2013 and beyond.

OLDER & RECKLESS unites senior artists with people from all walks of life. Revealing creative process, practicing performance, investigating new and re-mounted work, reaching out to emerging artists and stimulating the public, “older and reckless” artists continue to passionately contribute with their own distinctive voices to dance.

We celebrate the art form and confirm its essential role in a healthy society.

OLDER & RECKLESS is an intimate performance series, featuring high quality work created and/or performed by OLDER artists who continue to grow more RECKLESS as time goes by.

OLDER & RECKLESS provides an opportunity for seasoned dance artists to perform short works and a chance for the audience to see some of the most celebrated choreographers and performers interpreting dynamic contemporary dance.

OLDER & RECKLESS is “an intimate exchange for both the performer and the observer; exciting, terrifying, and lots of fun.”

There are three (3) events annually in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

Older & Reckless features dance artists, typically aged 45 or over* — one in early December and one in early March. All choreographers and performers in this series must be aged 45 or over*.

Old & Young and Reckless Together in mid May features dance artists of ALL ages. Each work must involve a dance artist, typically aged 45 or over*, as a choreographer, a performer, or both, and it must also feature a dance artist, typically aged 30 years or under*, as a choreographer, a performer, or both.

(*These age restrictions are fluid and we welcome works from all ages, as long as the performance reflects the mandate of Older & Reckless – please contact us, if you have any questions about this criteria.)

Types of Work:

– Any work that features a dance artist, aged 45 and over, as the choreographer, the performer, or both.

– A work by an older choreographer for a younger dancer/s

– A work by a young choreographer for an older dancer/s

– A work co-choreographed and performed by an older and younger dance artist/s together …get creative!

Genre/style :

Dance artists in any and all forms are encouraged to apply.


All performances take place in intimate venues. Previous venues include Dancemakers Centre for Creation, The Citadel, and Lower Ossington Theatre.


5-20 minutes. New creations and remounts, solos and group works are equally encouraged.

Fees :

We offer a performance fee and provide transportation and per diem for out-of-town artists. We can assist with accommodation, usually by locating a billet.

What we supply:

We supply a performance venue, including rehearsal hours in the theatre, a technical director/lighting designer, publicity, an outside eye, and a DVD document of your work. We will also work with other arts organization to assist in securing teaching or workshop opportunities for out-of-town artists.


Name of applicant

Address, Phone Number, Email

Website (if applicable)

Artist Biography

Short Description & a URL link or DVD of Proposed Work

Performance history of the proposed work & any future showings or performances

Application Fee: $20 (made payable to Moonhorse Dance Theatre)

Deadline: 15 July 2012

For questions/inquiries, and to mail your application:

Moonhorse Dance Theatre, c/o The Dance Umbrella of Ontario

Older and Reckless

476 Parliament Street, 2nd floor, Toronto, ON M4X 1P2

Phone: 416-504-6429 x 30