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Agustina Videla
Agustina Videla


Choreographer, tango teacher and dancer, she studied at the Escuela Nacional de Danzas and was a member of the Contemporary Dance Company “El Aleph,” led by Lola Brikman. Artistic director and choreographer of Social Tango Project Company. “Social Tango” a dance, music and audiovisual performance was presented at Teatro de La Ribera, Centro Cultural San Martín del Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural Kirchner, and the program La Hora del Tango (TV Pública).

Artistic director of the 5th season of the multi-award winning program “Lying truths, philosophy with the body”, which will address philosophical themes through dance in collaboration with the Ballet Folklórico Nacional. Director, producer and screenwriter with Pablo Destito of the dance short film “BEING” co-produced with Mulata Films and the Universidad Nacional de San Martín. It has 23 nominations in several international festivals and is currently being shown on TV in the USA.

Director, producer and screenwriter with Pablo Destito of the documentary “Those minutes the rematch, the tango” in post-production, that portrays the social function of dance as a community space. During her career as a dancer she has participated in shows and exhibitions with the main Tango orchestras: Sexteto Mayor, Color Tango, Alfredo Marcucci, Nestor Marconi, Pablo Zigler’s Quintet, among others. Videla’s tango works “Gallo Ciego”, “El Flete”, and “Canaro en Paris” were featured on ATC (the principal TV station in Argentina) and Solo Tango TV. She and her partner were chosen to represent Argentina during the “Exposición Universal de Lisboa”. She was invited to dance at the “Megaexposición Tango” in the Palais de Glace and at the “Feria Internacional del Tango,” organized by Buenos Aires City Government.

As a professor, choreographer, and performer, Agustina Videla has attended the following festivals: IV Tango Summit (Portugal), Orvieto International Jazz Festival (Italy), Hannover Tango Festival (Germany), L’été du Tango (France), Tango Camp Festival (Sweden), Noches Blancas Festival (Russia), Florence Tango Festival (Italy), Noches Milongueras Festival (Russia). For the last 15 years, she has led intensive tango seminars in Europe, Canada, and the United States. Author of the book Único. Del Autismo a la Neurodiversidad. Aprendizajes de una madre (Editorial Bonum, 2020).

Biography update : 24 February 2023
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