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The One and The Many : Vital Few, 605 Collective, par Mary Theresa Kelly, The Dance Current

The One and The Many : Vital Few, 605 Collective, par Mary Theresa Kelly, The Dance Current

Retour sur la présentation publique d’extraits de Vital Few lors de sa création au Vancouver International Dance Festival par Mary Theresa Kelly pour le Dance Current. La Rotonde recevra la joyeuse bande du 605 Collective à la fin du mois d’avril 2016.

Vital Few 3 by David Cooper

Picture by David Cooper

Vital Few, excerpts from a work-in-progress, is choreographed and performed by 605 Collective artists Josh Martin and Lisa Gelley, in collaboration with four other performers: Hayden Fong, Jane Osborne, Odile-Amélie Peters and Jessica Wilkie. The full-length work is scheduled to premiere next year, forcing dance lovers to wait to see how the work evolves.

The movement vocabulary and creativity 605 embodies is like an emergent species, retaining vestiges of past form and function, but whose DNA and nervous system has mutated into a novel form of expression, demanding new language and nomenclature. From the instant the six performers entered the space, lining up vertically at stage left, there was a quality of deep attunement in their presence. They focused intently on their own tasks and movement pathways, while maintaining acute awareness of the others’. From the outset, as a viewer, I was riveted, feeling the individuality of each performer, their connection to the group, and a smoothness in the transitions in and out of unison or ensemble phrases.

The dancers move at mid-level much of the time, performing rhythmic isolations and short phrases that shimmer from their bodies, like pulses of light emitting from an empty sky. There is a reliance on constant weight shifts, transfers of weight from one side of the body to the other, sometimes small and on the spot, sometimes large and initiating movement through space. These weight shifts enhance the underlying sense of pulsation. At one point early in the work, the performers execute independent phrases, but their spacing and rhythmic resonance speak to interdependence, like one giant breath cycle, the emphasis falling on the pause between the inhalation and exhalation. For me, the company became a giant heart system, dispassionately pumping blood, oxygenating the entire body, perfectly timed, without yearning for anything more. At another point, I feel I am witnessing a complex, holistic system of parts working independently, but in nested unison, as though everyone is a star with an interconnected function in the galaxy.

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Source: The Dance Current, Mary Theresa Kelly.