La Rotonde
Rahime Gay-Labbé


Rahime started dancing at the age of nine and he has been using his skills and interest in music – mostly percussion – to explore the different ways of using dance as a medium of expression ever since.

His alias, NOSB, stands for New Old School B-boy. As the youngest member of his group Bboyizm and part of the new generation of street dancers, NOSB sees the thin line between changing the dance form and respecting its natural evolution. He is recognized not only for his technical expertise but his extensive knowledge and understanding of the culture.

Rahime is a strong asset and key member of Bboyizm Dance Company. He has toured with the company since 2012, having performed at Breakin’ Convention 2016 – the largest street dance platform in the world, held at Sadler’s Wells, London, England. He was part of the creation for the pieces IZM, Evolution and Music Creates Opportunity.

NOSB has been working as dance instructor with kids of all ages for over 10 years, teaching in more than 400 school across Canada. He believes that sharing and inspiring others to learn about themselves through art leads to happiness while achieving life goals.

In 2017 Rahime started working with Montreal dance company Tentacle Tribe, having performed with them in Brighton UK, Saint-Sauveur and Montreal. He is in their new group piece Threesixnine.

Born and raised in Hull, Quebec, NOSB is always on the lookout for new opportunities to travel and meet other street dancers. Pursuing his journey around the world, his goal is to find balance in every aspect of life while training and exploring the many different aspects of dance.

Biography update : 15 March 2019

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