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Karine Gauthier
Karine Gauthier


Introduced to visual art and performance at a very young age, Karine Gauthier developed her passion for light very quickly. She has collaborated on several projects, in different countries (Barcelona, Chicago, Helsinki, Mexico City, New York, Oslo, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Stockholm, Tokyo, Vienna…). She has designed lighting for Dana Michel (Silver Lion, Venice Biennale 2017), Clara Furey, Nicolas Cantin, Daina Ashbee, Gérard Reyes, Marie B, Alan Lake Factorie, Estelle Clareton (Parcours danse Award 2019), Audrée Juteau, Andrew Turner, Andrew Tay, Sarah Élola, Maria Kefirova, Emmanuelle Calvé, Elsianne, Suzanne Miller & Allan Paivio, Blanca Arrietta, Fredéric Marrier, George Stamos, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage and Martin Messier. She also navigates between circus arts and music with artists such as Marco Calliari, the NEF, Throw2Catch, Krin Haglund. She also participates in the co-design of Émile Proulx-Cloutier and Florence K with the designer Jean-François Couture. In addition, she has provided technical direction for several dance companies in Montreal. She also toured with artists Richard Séguin and Jorane. After 20 years of career, Karine Gauthier is still as passionate about this luminous path.

Biography update : 3 January 2022
Photo : Karine Gauthier

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