La Rotonde
Ralph Escamillan
Ralph Escamillan


Ralph Escamillan is a queer, Canadian-Filipino dancer/choreographer/community leader based in Vancouver, BC. His arsenal of performance skills include a variety of street dance styles, ballroom, contemporary, circus, and drag. He graduated after 4 years in Modus Operandi, Vancouver’s contemporary dance training program, in 2015. He’s apprenticed with Kidd Pivot and worked with Vancouver companies: Company 605, Co.Erasga Dance, Kinesis Dance Somatheatro, Out Innerspace Theatre and is currently on contract with Wen Wei Dance. In the commercial industry, he has worked with choreographers including AJ Aakomon, Luther Brown, Paul Becker and Tucker Barkely, as well as artists Victoria Duffield and Zendaya Coleman, and was a guest dancer for Janet Jackson’s “Unbreakable” tour in 2015. With his company FakeKnot he creates work that strives to understand the complexities of identity using sound, costume and technology. The founder of VanVogueJam, Ralph shares his passion for Vogue/Ballroom culture at his weekly by-donation class and vogue balls, acting as a beacon for the queer dance form in Western Canada.

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