La Rotonde
Stage avec The 605 Collective – 3 au 7 mars 2014 (sauf 5 mars)

Stage avec The 605 Collective – 3 au 7 mars 2014 (sauf 5 mars)

L'ArtèreL’Artère, développement et perfectionnement en danse contemporaine offrira un stage du 3 au 7 mars 2014, de 10 h à 11 h 30 (sauf le 5 mars), avec The 605 Collective (Vancouver).

Ce stage est auto-géré par L’Artère, développement et perfectionnement en danse contemporaine et est possible grâce au soutien de La Rotonde. Merci de nous signifier votre intérêt de participer à ce stage, ce qui nous permettra de le maintenir. Faute d’inscriptions, nous serons dans l’obligation d’annuler les classes.

The 605 Collective

3 au 7 mars 2014 de 10 h à 11 h 30, SAUF LE MERCREDI 5 MARS

12$ membre – 15$ non-membre

Grand studio de La Rotonde, 336, rue du Roi, 2e étage, Québec

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Description de la classe

This class is designed for strength and speed-building, introducing and drilling known and new movement patterns, finding groove, and getting sweaty. Warm up will include stretch, upper body strengthening, awakening the feet, arms, spine, and rib cage. Through a series of exercises on the floor, in the center and across the floor, we will acknowledge the weight of the body, both resting and moving through space, and find the natural or instinctual pathways and momentum that this weight creates. This class will include examples of 605′s movement vocabulary from past repertoire, as well as improvisation structures, combining techniques and styles found inside 605′s urban contemporary language. Participants will be exploring the body’s relationship with the floor, articulations and isolations of body parts at various levels, and discovering effective and safe ways to carry out large, athletic movements while maintaining raw and powerful execution.

Short Teaching Biography

Lisa Gelley and Josh Martin have been teaching “605 Collective” class since 2009. Initially designed for outreach while the company was on tour, this class has developed into an introduction to 605 movement approaches and vocabulary, as well as acknowledging the company’s collaborative process not only in creation, but also in teaching. These classes have been taught across Canada to professionals and companies, youth and adults, with various levels of experience. Josh and Lisa have been guests at professional training programs in Vancouver including Scholarship Dance, Industry Training Program, Source/ITP, and Modus Operandi, as well as Simon Fraser University.