La Rotonde
Frauke Mariën
Frauke Mariën


Though Frauke Mariën (1982, Belgium) feels more a dancer than a musician, she is at home in both worlds. She studied at P.A.R.T.S., Brussels (2000-2004) and afterwards went to the Conservatory of Antwerp for the oboe and the violin. Since then she’s working freelance – sometimes purely as a dancer, sometimes in productions mixing theatre, dance and music – for companies such as WArd/waRD, Cie Mossoux-Bonté,, Barre Weldaad, Raamtheater, Zuiderpershuis, André Gingras & Angélique Willkie, De Bovenkamer and William Forsythe for his installation Human writes. Since some years frauke is also into aerial or vertical dancing, working for the french companies Cie 9.81 and Cie in-SENSO.

As a part of the Rabbit Hole Collective, Frauke co-created the performance Hopscotch and in 2010 she made Kleefkruid together with Goel Van Dijck. She also made some solowork and choreographies for De Eilandverkaveling, DansCie Lune, Musica and Dansstudio Arabesque.

Mise à jour de la biographie : 31 octobre 2018
Photo : WArd/waRD

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