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Publié le 16 mars 2019 par Laurence Bégin

Mecdy Jean-Pierre

Le montréalais Mecdy Jean-Pierre – alias Venom – a d’abord découvert les danses traditionnelles haïtiennes, telles que le zouk et le konpas, lors de réunions et de célébrations familiales. À l’adolescence, en 2001, il fut membre fondateur du groupe de dancehall Kinemon.

C’est après la découverte du style du popping en 2005 que Mecdy Jean-Pierre – sous le pseudonyme Venom – a commencé à se faire une place dans le milieu de la danse de rue. Mecdy Jean-Pierre est également l’un des fondateurs du groupe Symbiotic Monsters, qui a représenté le Canada pendant deux années consécutives au concours international Juste Debout en France, où il était finaliste en 2012 et demi-finaliste en 2013.

Il a également collaboré avec plusieurs chanteurs québécois tels que Lukay et Marie-Mai et a été danseur principal dans la production Temnein (2013) de la compagnie Art-Terre, présentée en Haïti et à Montréal au Théâtre Le Gésu.

Having explosive and energetic qualities lit by the strong flame living inside of him, Mecdy Jean-Pierre, dubbed Venom, started dancing at a very young age. Traditional Haitian dances such as ‘Zouk’ and ‘Konpas’ were cultural dances he learnt early on during his family gatherings and celebrations. Later on in his teens, he became a member and founder of the dancehall crew ‘Kinemon’ in 2001.

Mecdy was inspired to take his dance to professional heights once he discovered the timeless street style of popping in 2005. Venom soon became a household name most dancers would recognize in the Montreal street dance community. He went on to winning several battles and larger events such as ‘Festival Bust a Move’ and Juste Debout North America (2012 and 2013). Mecdy is also one of the Symbiotic Monsters crew founders with crew mates MonstaPop and Jigsaw. Symbiotic Monsters has represented Canada for two consecutive years at the Juste Debout international competition in France where they were finalists in 2012 and semi-finalists in 2013.

Mecdy has worked with many local Quebec artists such as Lukay and Marie-Mai and has been a principal dancer in the Art-Terre company production titled “Temnien”. This show was presented internationally in Haiti as well as in Montreal at the ‘Theatre Gesu’. Venom has recently been offered opportunities that include performing at the 2013 Calgary Stampede as well as teaching workshops in Japan, France, England and Germany. Aside from his accomplishments as a dancer, Mecdy has also been recognized for his choreographic work with Montreal-based popping crew, Dead Angle, which he founded in 2009. Dead Angle went on to winning honorable awards such as the 2012 and 2013 open adult category at the Hit The Floor dance competition in Quebec where they were also awarded a scholarship for their outstanding performance (“Coup de Coeur 2013”).

Mecdy aspires to continue pushing his name in the underground as well as creating choreographic work for theaters.

Mecdy joined Tentacle Tribe in 2016 and joined the creation of Threesixnine and Ghost.

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